More Faces...

Face #8
Waterbuck Girl
7x10 mixed media

 Face #9
7x10 mixed media

Face #10
Party Girl
7x10 mixed media

Face #11
Cat Girl
7x10 mixed media

 Face #12
7x10 mixed media

Face #13
Bunny Girl
7x10 mixed media

Ha - these were so much fun! I could have gone on and on with these little drawings but I stopped myself and moved on to other things. I decided to be whimsy with these faces and stayed with one style this time around, as last week I felt I was a bit all over the place. Did I mention how difficult 30 Faces In 30 Days is? whoa! I guess one of my challenges is focus, I realized I prefer a more cohesive look so sticking with one style this time around really helped me focus. This was also great practice for my character faces, making sure there was a consistency to the drawings. Although my mind tends to wonder off to other things as I work, this series really had my full attention. These were just lots of fun. Oh, and  Face #9 – My Valentine,  can also be spotted over at the Inspiration Studio.

These girls have also provided me with a  cute little series which was unexpected but such a nice surprise. I tried to come up with a name for this series but nothing really hit me yet...

Any thoughts on what I should title this series?

I welcome any and all ideas if you would be so kind to share.

Really, anything that pops in your head when you look at these?

I'd greatly appreciate it!


  1. What a great series! I've had so much fun watching you work on it.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls! my fave being the Valentine girl....they are all awesome though and i really like softness of these! xo

  3. Dearest sweet ivy, im loving this series so much! She is gorgeous and i love all the different hats you created for her. :) I adore that valentine and the Bunny girls. She looks tired...especially her eyes. Looks like she has been working really hard and into the wee hours of the morning. kinda reminds me of me. hehe There's certainly a mysterious side in her. :D Maybe you can name this "The Mysterious girl". Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you sweet friend!

    ps: I'm so excited and will be waiting for you to be in touch soon. I just know that i will be over the moon and be the happiest girl!!!

  4. I LOVE these! You have it all backwards, dear Ivy. YOU push ME to do better. I mean, my goodness, girl. Look at these sweet faces! I love the touches of white and muted color. They have such a gorgeous, delicate vintage feel. I think this is a fabulous series about knowing how to accessorize. HAHA!

    Have a fabooo weekend! Enjoy that Nutella. What? It's all gone? Already? xoxo

  5. fantastic focus and ideas you have! They are very poetic - maybe something in that for naming?! :)


  6. These are wonderful and have a unique whimsy that I enjoy, very much. They would make a wonderful show.

  7. Such sweetly melancholy girls. The touch of pink in each drawing is so nice.

  8. hello ivy!
    i completely love, admire and adore
    your work ~ your style ~ your artistry ... : )
    i was a little slow commenting at the this week, but i just wanted to say how much your post resonated with me and i thank you
    for your loving words there ... xo
    i am blown away by your 30 in 30 series ... wow!
    your gift is so diverse ... did i say wow? wow.
    i love these whispy girls particularly ...
    the words whisper and willowy come to mind when i see them ...
    they so make me smile ...
    as do you ... : )
    much love ~

  9. Well, this is an interesting and fun series.

  10. Lovely and delicate but strong too. I love waterbuck girl.

  11. These are delightful
    Ivy in Wonderland
    So original

  12. Thank you SO very much for lovely comments and title ideas... I hope to narrow down your suggestions and have a final title to share soon! You're feedback is very much appreciated...

    thank you ♥

  13. A charming group! They remind me of the many faces, hats, personalities that young girls try on as they find themselves.


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