Facing "The Sketch Book Project"

What do you feel when you stare at a blank sheet of paper? I sit, I stare and I freeze up. That's what happened when I opened the sketch book I received in the mail back in the summer. Getting started is always the most daunting part of any project for me, whether its on paper or on canvas. It is human nature to put off doing things that make us feel uncomfortable or something that we perceive as difficult.  But I love creating, drawing, painting, designing so where is this fear coming from? I suppose its the perfectionist in me ugh, the fear that the result will not be what I imagine paralyzes me.

Well... here I am about a week left to begin sketching for the Sketch Book Project I signed up for early last year. * sigh *  This is terrible...no really! I am not sure what happened... last I looked at the sketchbook I was disappointed in the very thin paper so I put it aside - as if the paper would magically replace itself. Then a friend posted "Sketch Book Catchup" on her blog Studio Mailbox and suddenly I didn't feel alone. I finally decided to face these blank sheets of paper and well, I uh... ripped them out! Oh yes I did! With the help and motivation from my friend I replaced all my sheets with wonderful watercolor paper which was the easy part...

I began to think of my goal for 2011 of Letting Go & Being in the Now, I decided to do just that. Let go no more guilt, no more fear, no more procrastination! So I faced my new blank paper, took a deep breath and began sketching. I will be sketching every moment I can to meet this deadline of Jan 15th and will be sharing my progress with you here. Oh and my theme is "A Day In The Life" and of course, I will be sketching A Day In The Life... of dogs.

Wish me luck!

Anyone else behind in The Sketch Book Project?
What have been your struggles?


  1. This looks like it's going to be great! Have no fear Ivy... just keep going. So glad to be in this together! 9 days to go... all the best from germany, tj

  2. Wow - even starting now yours looks like it will be amazing!

    After I type this, I'm back to painting in mine. It will look more "journal" than "sketchbook", but at this point I just want to get it done. I'd thought about different paper as well (even bought some fancy kind that I ended up keeping for myself!). I've just glued pages together as the paint is already warping them.

    Not my best work, but knowing that frees me up to have fun with it. ;) Good luck!!

  3. Thank you ladies! I have lots of work ahead of me but I must remember to have fun...right? I look forward to seeing your Sketch Books as well ♥

  4. Good luck! I can't imagine taking on a project like that.

  5. I have the same situation with a circle journal that I signed up for. I have one that is just sitting there waiting for something to be put in it. Pressure. I just have to let go of the pressure.

  6. I LOVE it that you just ripped out the pages and put in your own! Paper makes such a difference for a sketchbook. It is all about the paper! I have been really struggling with my sketchbooks lately - they are all over the place as I tend to start one, then find another one I love and start that one. So I ripped out loads of my sketches last night and have decided to reorder them and make my own with all the different bits. Glad I'm not alone!
    Look forward to seeing the end result

  7. Hi Ivy, I finally started mine yesterday and was amazed at how quickly I did a sketch. After all, it is a sketchbook, not a completed drawing/painting book. I'm trying to keep that in mind and not try to bring every idea to complete fruition. I'm also gluing some pages together to make them thicker (wink-wink...LESS pages!!) At this point, my goal is to finish! Kinda fun, isn't it? Good Luck!

  8. This is so inspiring! I have the same fear of the blank page...can't wait to see your sketches colored in!

  9. This is fabulous. I've just begun sketching myself and I'm a master procrastinator, so I like your theme of not doing that! Be bold!


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