Dog Eatin' Apples

Simple & Sweet

Been on any new adventure with your pup lately?
How about apple picking?
I'd love to hear.


  1. How sweet. love the last picture. No apple picking but Brownie, my chocolate lab, ate a mini pumpkin, I thought squirrels were the only ones nibbling on pumpkins...xxoo

  2. Oh thank you Heather and Mandy ♥

    Haha Heather you made me laugh with eating pumpkins now I thought Beagles were the only dogs who ate anything and everything. Ha thanks for the laugh!

  3. oh my word.. Dukie... soo cute. What beautiful images Ivy.... really so good!!

    xxo, kim

  4. Beautiful pictures and beautiful dog. I love having adventures with my dog - usually squirrel chasing!


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