Making Your Mark

 The Doggie Bag
mixed media

Hi there! Hope you had a happy weekend. Today I'm sharing my piece for IF's Transportation  Inspired by fashion and the pampering of pets. I don't have a puppy purse Dukie (my beagle) is not small enough to fit into one but I must admit the bags are the cutest things. So The Doggie Bag, transportation for your dog, a stylish accessory, "Making Your Mark" with fashion.. pooch making his mark? not good.

Do you carry a Doggie Bag?
It's a dogs life.


  1. Lovely! I want the purse (although my dog's much too big) and the dress.

  2. How cute! Perfect idea, too! :)
    ...My dog is a 75 lb chocolate lab, I need a wagon for him! ha ha ha.

  3. Fun idea. Is he, uh, marking the hydrant all the way from inside the bag? That's one talented dog. Haha!

  4. Hola, Ivy, hermosa tu ilustración, los colores "pastel" de dan un toque muy delicado.
    Y tu dibujo es exelente.
    (yo tengo un perro Labrador, para transportarlo necesitaría un carro de supermercado!!!)

  5. Oh my dearest sweet Ivy, she is soo adorable and i really love love love this so much!! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  6. This is fantastic! Love your style.

  7. Love your work...very funny little dog and he looks so innocent. Dog lover, too.

  8. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments they really make my week! I enjoy hearing about all your pooches - thank you again ♥

    Roberto como siempre me haces reír con ese carro de supermercado! jajaja gracias por su comentario amable.

  9. My little maltese Maisy will not stay in one. She rules the roost around here.


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