Savvy Illustration

Hello! It has been some time since I have posted, I have been a busy bee juggling projects and commission work that I promise to share with you as I finish them. For now I'd like to share an illustration job I recently completed for this great photography site called  The Savvy Photographer

This was a fun project, the client Marsha Mifsud who was wonderful to work with, she wanted a new design for her site so I worked with Timi a very talented web designer at Cinnamon Girl Studio. The clients sweet color palette of pink and green were incorporated along with her request of adding French furniture and savvy-ish illustrations of Marsha and her business partner, sister Anne Siller.

Both Marsha and her sister Anne are fabulous photographers with a successful business of over 500,000 readers. Their business is full of inspiration, workshops and all things they love. They also have a fab shop where they sell many beautiful items you'll love. Did I mention on top of all this success Marsha is also a mother of 3 and lives in Japan? Jeez how does she do it all? If you get a moment please visit her at The Savvy Photographer I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you.



  1. Ivy this is fantastic!! wonderful job my friend!!!

    so excited to see what you come up with next!!

    xxo, kim

  2. Thank you Ivy for such a lovely post! You are a pleasure to work with and I'm thrilled with the outcome!
    many thanks,

  3. Ivy, these are sooo gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! Loving the sweet color palette lots! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Hi Ivy,

    I finally made it over, I really love your new work - the illustrations for the photographers website is so wonderful. I really love your style and cant wait to see more - stay in touch!

    P.S. don't want to leave out that cute, cute doggy bday illustration - lov!

  5. It was wonderful to work with you Ivy. Thanks again for sharing your talents.


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