IF "Acrobat"

Mixed Media 8.5x11

Hi there how was your weekend? Mine was good we had some great weather here in New Jersey - autumn is in the air and I'm loving it! This weekend I was inspired by IF's word "Acrobat". I immediately had this vision of doing things I can't physically do such as floating in air, like in so many of my dreams. Acrobats, maybe easy to some, impossible to many - like me. Below I share with you my original sketch before adding color digitally.

Have a great Monday oh and be sure to stop by tomorrow for Dog Day Tuesdays. I'll have another pooch design to share with you hope you'll like it!


  1. i'm in love with your 'IF'...
    Ivy this is amazing! I love the way you shared the sketch as well....

    really so very beautiful... LOVE... to the moon!!

    xxo, kim

  2. So adorable Ivy! Love the pink accent and the nest in her hair... so sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment on my new "Bee...Grateful" painting too! xoxo Valerie

  3. lovely! the colors are just perfect too! I like your sketch, too. fun to see "in the works" stuff. Isn't the weather wonderful?
    i will definitely pop over tomorrow, love your dogs!

  4. So beautiful! Makes me want to try all those thing I've been putting off

  5. really beautiful, I like the touch of pink and the little nest in her hair. Lovely.

  6. A delightful dreamlike drawing enphasized by the pastel colours.

  7. She is really beautiful. I love the birds and nest in her hair! What program do you use to color her in with. I have never done that and am intrigued!Thanks for sharing~ Theresa

  8. So delicately drawn and coloured, her hair is fabulous too!

  9. Wow thank you so much for your kind comments always so nice to hear ♥

    Msartist I use Photoshop to color in this piece. I like to add texture and Photoshop is wonderful for that. It adds another dimension - thanks for asking.

  10. Hola Ivy, (yo voy a escribir todo en español, si no entiendes, tu me dices, por favor)
    Este Acrobat me encanta! La ilustracion es muy delicada. Muy bella, muy poética.
    Me he hecho seguidor de tu blog, no sé cómo es que yo creía que era seguidor y me busqué entre todos y no estoy!! ja ja.
    Gracias por tu comentario.

  11. I love this! your work is so delicate and beautiful--inspiring!

  12. I love this image! Just discovered your work through Kim Klassen's Inspiration Staycation book, thank you for the piece you contributed!


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