Work/Life Balance

Anini Beach, Kauai

ALOHA! So did you figure out where I was? Thank you for your last comments - it was fun to hear from everyone and your thoughts on where I was. Good guesses! My friend Tonya Bates guessed it right - Hawaii. Ahh yes the beautiful Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Maui. Below are some more images I took and wanted to share but before you take a peek there's a few things I learned while I was away...

Do you need balance? Get away for a few days or take a vacation. Our vacation was much needed and just...wonderful. You see like many, I've fallen into the trap of working all day up to the wee hours, often so motivated I'd skip meals just to move ahead with my projects. I am very lucky, I have a wonderful husband and I love what I do, so much so I didn't realize what I was missing... like taking a quiet moment alone and shutting down my thoughts, eating a healthy meal with reasonable bites and not wolfing it down, taking a nice relaxed long walk instead of a quick stressed walk or even going to the gym and reading up on current events... to name a few. With the day to day you're bound to get wrapped up with work and deadlines often missing quality time with yourself and/or your significant other. This vacation was a perfect time for us to reconnect and just have fun together an opportunity to leave work behind even for a moment. Who would have thought I'd eat better and get back into my workout routine while on vacation? has taken a vacation for me to realize what is important. Now that I'm back I'm ready to work hard but I'll sure try to keep this Work/Life Balance in check. A difficult task but one I am willing to work hard at – for sure. Are you?

Waterfall On The Road To Hana, Maui.
Taro Fields in Kauai.
Snorkelers in Honalu Bay, Maui
Playful dolphins on boat ride to the Napali Coast, Kauai.
Black Sand Beach, Maui.
My first full rainbow. View outside our balcony.



  1. Hello Ivy, again at home?
    I hope that with charged batteries to begin painting, right?
    What beautiful scenery, makes me want to take a vacation!
    ha ha, here we are in winter and snow and seeing these photos gives me a kind of warmth.
    Well, welcome!!
    Bueno, bienvenida!!!!

  2. The photos are beautiful! Nice to hear you've found your balance. :)

  3. ha i have keens too!
    ps you tube the 'full complete double rainbow' clip. its hilarious.

  4. Thanks Ivy. I've been to Hawaii so the pics were familiar but the time difference clue was how I knew for sure. Especially loved the black sand beaches and did you go to that rain forest area on Maui?

    I really love your picture with the swings. A perfect visual representation of that work/life balance thing. Balance of all kinds is a never-ending quest, no matter what age or life-stage. (Said by a true Libra soul.)

    Welcome back, refreshed and renewed. Looking forward to more art and more blogging. Do keep in touch!

  5. Thank you for your comments! I've been struggling with jet-lag all week (yea poor me right?) but it feels good to be back and I look forward to posting new work soon. Thank you again ♥

  6. Beautiful photos. I love the one with the swings, too.

  7. Absolutely love the first image! It brings me back to my childhood which was spent dreaming while swinging and in the water 24/7! Love that image! Almost looks like a painting. this would be awesome huge, like on on of my studio loft walls- BAM! water + tree + ocean = can't get any better than that


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