little paintings

Lean On Me
6x6 oil on masonite

I don't know about you but I have a thing for Pugs. I just love their little wrinkle faces and round bodies. This pair are visitors of Dog Days Daycare a favorite place of Dukie's. Lean On Me is inspired from a photo of the pair just lounging around, probably after a few hours of playtime.

6x6 oil on canvas

This is Jake another one of my daily paintings series. Jake's also another playmate of Dukes. This little German Schnauzer is just so handsome I love his salt and pepper gray colors. 

fun fact: The word schnauzer is German for "whiskered snout"which they sure have.

It's not the best photo of either painting for some reason I couldn't find the right spot to shoot these without a glare. I feel a bit rusty but these were fun quick little studies. It sure does feel good to be back into my paints. 


  1. OMG those pugs are the cutest! Great job capturing their spirit! love it!

  2. love these... I have a "Duke" doggie too!

  3. Oh sweet sweet doggies, I love the pugs and a great name the painting.

  4. Oh gosh your doggies are too darn cute.

  5. Jake has the sweetest expression. Great job.

  6. Thank you guys for your comments! I really do appreciate your kind words ♥


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