Puppy Eyes


Do you ever feel like you have eyes on you but you ignore them and keep working. You work so hard and get so into it you forget to come up for air? Jeez...its like you forget those around you...that is until a loved one nudges you back into reality. For me that nudge was from Dukie. He'll come up to me around the end of the day and pull on my shirt or my pants (while working on my laptop) as if to say "ok, it's time for a break". I have been so consumed with my work, my art/business, organizing, planning etc.. that sometimes it takes that little nudge to snap me out of it – and so today I look down on those puppy eyes... and decided for this moment, I will take a little break. A little break to share this photo I took over a weekend at the shore - oh those puppy eyes make me melt! How can I work looking at those? Do you have little eyes watching you – waiting for you to take that little break too? 


  1. This space is AMAZING! Flying over from Kelly Rae's class, Robin

  2. Hi Robin! Thank you for stopping by and commenting so appreciated ♥

  3. Hi there! This is so true. I have tons of eyes on me all the time...two kids, two dogs and a husband. It's a wonder I get anything done around here! Love your recent series too. Wonderful!


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