A Walk In The Park...

 A Walk In The Park
I've been working on this piece for some time now, there was lots of scanning, photo taking, manipulating, color enhancing etc. and I decided its finished for now. For months I noticed I've been neglecting a big part of me, a big part of my life.... and that's my relationship with Photoshop. You see, we had a serious relationship for many years, a relationship where all I did was lived and breathed for Photoshop personally and throughout my graphic design career. Yes, it was a beautiful relationship... up until I no longer had to use it and others used it for me. Well, I miss my Photoshop, my love and I am happy to say we are back together and happy... oh so happy! I'll be sure to share our adventures together...


  1. i think photoshop is a love, is a friend, is a lover, but sometimes can hurt our heart, and make we feel like a slav.

  2. Beautiful! I want to take your photoshop course. I would love to be as proficient as you are.

  3. Hi guys! Thank you so much Juliana, Roberto and Vicki for responding its really so nice to hear.

    Roberto - ah yes, a slave to it I can see that too. Especially when I can't walk away from the screen. I can get locked-in and well, a bit obsessed :)

    Vicki thank you and yes come join the class! I'll send you the info

  4. Hi Ivy!

    Your artwork is so wonderful and your blog looks incredible! I absolutely love it- so gorgeous!!

  5. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! And fun! I would love to see your process on something like this!

  6. Hey guys, nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words - wow!

    Jeanean, Yeah working on the blog still work-in-progress but thank you! I hope to finish it soon.

    Kristen, good idea for a future post, my process in digital art, you got my wheels turning! Thanks Kristen - more to come.

  7. I agree with Kristen, I would love to learn more about this process. The finished project is absolutely gorgeous!

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