IF Equipment...

Seductive Eyes
mixed media

Here the male peacock (Indian Peafowl) displays his EQUIPMENT
The peacock's tail feathers are fanned out to use as part of courtship. I'm sure his Seductive Eyes help too
or maybe not.


  1. great peacock! love the way you did the feathers as eyes. thanks so much for your comment on my IF entry!

  2. Really like your interpretation of this weeks IF topic.

  3. Love the colours and the background texture of your peacock!

    Thx for your comment on my "equipment",
    I really wanted to make it delicate :)

  4. Hi Ivi, i like the eyes on the tail!!!!great movement! Excellent. do you change something in your blog? i can see that there are something diferent.

  5. Wonderful take on "equipment". Very eye catching!

  6. fabulous artwork...love all those eyes !!

  7. Hello Ivy! Peacocks are such gorgeous creatures, aren't they? And you've really nailed it with this. Bravo! :)

  8. This is very beautiful! I would love to know more about how you created it. I saw the theme for IF and could not for the life of me come up with something for "equipment", so I loved this interpretation of it.


  9. Thanks for the comments guys always nice to hear!

    Roberto - yes! I'm in the middle of redesigning my blog so it is slowly changing. I hope to complete the look soon but its been taking some time. thanks for asking :)

    Kristen! Hey girl, how did I create this? I sketched it out scanned it in and digitally painted it. I love mixing my media. Hope this helps!

    Thanks again guys ♥

  10. been checking out more of your site...do come and play at Whimsical Wednesday: http://dthaase.blogspot.com


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