IF "Cocoon"

                  "Cocooned In A Bed Of Flowers"
                              pen, ink and watercolor

My first IF sketch. I couldn't resist this little guy in my sketch book, originally he had his eyes open but I like him sleeping, cocooned in his bed and dreaming of butterflies    


  1. Nice how the flowers transform into butterflies :)

  2. Love your blog! You've been doing lots of great work!! Photos of flowers are wonderful and looks like you had a great workshop... and of course, I love your dogs! Hope you have a happy 'Mother to be' day:)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments always so nice to hear from others ♥

    Vicki Thank you! So happy you've gotten some time to check out some posts thank you for your sweet message. yeah the workshop was great! Hope to see you soon :)


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