What I'm reading...

Gotta love the weekends! Ahh yes reading...its such a solitary endeavor. It requires you to shut out your surroundings like family, friends, dog etc – uhm very hard to do. I forget how wonderful it is to escape and read a good book, or in my case, a few good books.

I sometimes read for entertainment, to pass the time, to escape and visit other worlds but lately I've been reading to challenge myself and grow. Here are a some books I'm  loving these days. I know its' often tough to find the time to read but I've been making a big effort to do so,  it's good for the soul and the mind.

These books, aside from just gorgeous are very inspiring and yet very different from each other. I hope to share more about my books...but for now I am cuddled up with my coffee engrossed in my reading.

What are you reading these days? Have a great weekend.... and happy reading!


  1. Okay, now that I have eeked out time to be creative, I need to make time to read, too? :) hahaha This is so embarrassing, but the only time I seem to get to read these days is in the bathroom. And that is usually a magazine.

    I love the effect on that photograph! How did you do that? In Photoshop? Just curious - it's really cool.


  2. Haha Kristen too funny. yeah yeah I know there's just not enough time in a day to do all the things we creatives want to do....but hey bathroom reading counts in my book - and even magazines!

    Thanks yes that's Photoshop, my other love :)


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