Summer Portrait

5x7 Graphite

Here is a commission I recently did of Summer a beautiful 5 year old Golden Retriever. The challenge for this piece was deciding which photo to use as a reference! I took so many gorgeous shots of her, it was difficult for us to decide on which to use. Summer is incredibly beautiful, mommy had her hair brushed and oh boy she was so soft and elegant. Her hair was the softest hair I have ever touched on a dog. I just wanted to curl up with her and hide in her fluff-ness. She has such a puppy face and still has a puppy character - so cute. As with all my dog portraits, I really enjoyed getting to know Summer through my work, there's a bond that forms that will stay with me forever. Summer's mommy is a doll, very much in love with Summer and a very nice woman to work with. I just love owners who simply adore their pets - there's an instant connection. 

Thank you Summer for being a part of my life ;-)


  1. Ivy was wonderful to work with too. She's confident and comfortable with the dog as well as the owner. There must have been 200+ shots and she was willing to take more. Summer is also great. She got a treat with every shot. Now that's worth posing for. Ivy continues to work long after the photos. She's truly professional and loves her work. - Summer's Mom

  2. ivy - this is monica's friend, taber! your blog is beautiful! i'm in awe of your sketches and this one in particular. you are very talented!

  3. Thank you both for posting such kind words it really means so much to me!

    Summers mom, please give Summer a big hug for me and I am sure I will see you both in town or Doggy Daycare :-)

    Cafe Taber yes! I've heard such nice things about you from Monica. So nice to hear from you and thank you for posting a comment. I love your blog as well - happy to connect with you. Stay in touch!


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