The Hungry Hound...

 My work at The Hungry Hound
I was at The Hungry Hound today and realized I've been meaning to write about this place! I've had the great opportunity to display my work at The Hungry Hound for some time now. It's a lovely doggy boutique out here in Somerville, NJ. The minute you walk into this sweet shop your mouth waters from the delicious smell of homemade doggy biscuits and food. The place smells like a bakery every time you walk in! YUM. 
Penny (the owner) makes everything all-natural and from scratch. She bakes extra special cookies on holidays and even makes Birthday cakes. Too cute.
 Oh and apparently its safe for humans to eat too! Penny told me a story about a crew being in her shop (for some shoot they were doing), the guys were there longer than expected, were starving so she fed them the doggy cookies and they liked them! haha

Aside from the yummy smells you can easily get lost in all the fun and unique items displayed everywhere. Items from colorful collars, home decor, durable toys to healthy all-natural food items. 
I've gotten to know Penny for some time now and I can say she is a wonderful woman who genuinely cares about the health and well-being of our furry animals. It's the only place I shop, for my Dukie. If you have a chance to visit her shop you will fall in love... oh and you can take a look at some of my work too!  

Check her out!  and she's also on Facebook

Thank you Penny for all your support. See you in a few days for more fresh homemade food for  my Dukie ;-)


  1. like your work a lot. As a dog lover I think you must do well as your renditions are accurate.

  2. I loved reading about the boutique and seeing your work hanging there! I am a big dog lover and I can see the personalities and essence of the dogs you paint (the sparkle in their eyes). You have a great gift!


  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such lovely comments and for visiting! :-)

  4. Ivy, thanks so much for visiting my blog! Would love it if you painted my dog(s). Whatever you paint is awesome!

  5. HI Ivy, Thanks for sharing these wonderful paintings! I love how you're able to recreate the spirits of every dog in paint - not everyone can. Congrats on showing at such a cozy and special place! I'm adapting to life outside the fish bowl. Hope you're well & have an inspiring day.


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