"The Stare Down"

Bailey S.  "The Stare Down"
6x6 oil on panel board

Say hello to Bailey S. This little handsome puggle is another Dog Days Daycare regular. I just couldn't resist his look – too cute not to paint.

a little fact:  A Puggle is a cross breed between a female Beagle and a male Pug.

Funny, I seem to gravitate toward these little guys (puggles/pugs) without my realizing Purple Pug, Happy Monday  they're just too cute with all their wrinkles and creases.


  1. Very cute! He looks like he means business! What is a puggle? I know of pugs, but have never heard of a puggle.


  2. haha Kristen, thank you! That is so crazy. I usually like to do "a little fact" with my dog posts and was going back to write on what puggles are. Very weird...anyhow I just posted your answer. Thanks for your post!


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