Away for a few days...

Plein Air Workshop for Oil/Pastel with Charlie Churchill

I am so excited to be going to this workshop for the next 4 days. My favorite teacher and private instructor Charlie Churchill will be teaching it - so I know I'll be in good hands.  This workshop will be held in historic Cape May, NJ and designed to help artists achieve Old Master-like effects with contemporary materials and techniques.

I haven't painted in plein air (french expression for "in the open air") so this will be a fun challenge, working on site. I never really thought about painting outside before, I guess because I like the convenience of my indoor set-up; my laptop, painting to music and my coffee pot plugged in – but the thought of setting up in remote area, surrounded by natural lighting and fresh air sounds pretty amazing. The weather here has been a bit cold and rainy so I will be praying to the Sun God for some sunshine and good weather.

And so... I pack my french easel, my paints, my camera and my umbrella in hopes of coming back with some good work to share 


  1. Hi Ivy,

    I can't wait to hear of your adventures in the open air! I haven't painted outdoors in years. I went to art school up in Boston, Montserrat and loved freezing me bum off as we painted outside by the harbor - my favorite lighting is natural especially in photography though setting up an outdoor studio takes some time. best of luck on you adventure.

  2. Thank you Stephey! Wow painting by the harbor in Boston must have been beautiful. Thanks for your comment ♥


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