Suki in moonlight

Here's a dog portrait I am working on of Suki..
"Suki in Moonlight"
14x17 oil on deep galley canvas

To get the mood and feel I wanted I used cerulean blue as my under tone color.

I work from photos and here is the original shot of Suki.

Suki is a cute little dog, a regular at  a wonderful cage-less doggy daycare facility and where Dukie goes to play with Suki and friends. This painting will be hanging at Dog Days Daycare Center along side other pooch members I have hanging,  I'll post more paintings soon!

This place is awesome! Duke comes home exhausted from a day there, Robin the owner and her staff are wonderful. They really care about every dog, they have games they play, couches they can lounge on or a yard they can run around in. They have two buildings the "Dog House" for the smaller doggy's (this is where Duke hangs) and they have the "Ruff House" a larger building where the big boys hang. Robin also opens up the Ruff House for Sunday Socials for those bad weather days when your stuck indoors and cabin fever  sets in - her facility is open for dogs to play as owners watch.  What a great idea, she thinks of everything! I am thrilled to have found Robin because I know Duke is in good hands. Robin even sleeps with the dogs, never leaving the facility unattended while boarding. Now that is an animal lover!

Duke is on his way there now... he's at the front door wagging! Until later...


  1. Ivy ~ your work is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm so proud of you for launching your blog and deciding to share your work with all of us. Also have to say I love the name and design of your blog header :)

  2. Hi Ivy, I love your work! I especially love your painting of Suki. And I have a sweet Great Dane named Ivy, so there is kinship there : )

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    emily (fellow fishie)

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful comments!

    Funny Marisa, I struggled with the name of the blog and one day my husband just said Ivy you're all over - and so Ivyallover became the name ;-)

    Emily - I love your Great Dane beautiful. I've done several dog portraits and never came across a dog with my name - haha. I feel a bond ;-)

  4. Hello Ivy - thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself - nice to meet you! I had to comment because I LOVE this painting of Suki so much - I think you've captured more of the character than the original snapshot - brilliant!


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