Sugarloaf Craft Festival

This weekend was full of rain, overflowing rivers and flooded streets but I managed to have a fun weekend anyway. I was not stuck home considering the bad weather, I was at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival on Saturday it was my first time attending this annual event and I am glad I went! It was indoors and had about 275 vendors. I went because it was not far from our house, I wanted to see what type of art there was and to see if having my own booth is something I'd want to do in the future. There was the occasional booths you kind of – eh, just walk by and lots and lots of jewelry but I did manage to fall in love with a few beautiful pieces and well—I had to have 'em and post about them!

The artist Bill Finks was so unique and very very cool to talk to.  He and his wife Marcia Finks have been in business since 1990 in metal sculptures. Their work has been featured in Bergdoff Goodman, House Beautiful, Home, Country Living, Country Home, Elle Décor, Newsweek magazine to name a few. I fell in LOVE with his sculptures and overwhelmed on which to pick - because I knew I was was not going to leave without one  ;-)

So here is the one my husband actually picked out!
 UHM....LOVE it!
His sculptures are made from antique German doll heads, antique tins, found objects and vintage embellishments.  I chose my doll sculpture for several reasons; my husband liked it,  I love the black tin, a candy container from England that reads Black Magic. I think Black Magic is perfect, it adds to the dark, creepiness of the doll. 
I like the cracks in the head, this was one of the older German doll heads hanging in the collection. It has glass eyes and an open mouth showing teeth which is pretty rare for dolls. It looks pretty freaky up close. Doesn't it?
My other favorite part is the toy fridge! The door opens and the trays spin showing 3 antique porcelain heads inside. The collar is the base of an antique lamp, the bowls on her head are milk & cream silver cups. The skirt is made of some kind of hard metal mesh and the legs are one of those antique thread spindles. I am very impressed on how well crafted this piece is he drills a metal rod in the center to hold every piece together - it is very solid and sturdy.

He handed me a piece of cardboard as a business card (maybe its a protest) but I managed to find a gallery link that shows more of their beautiful and inspiring work since their website has not been updated with this collection. Their contact information is 810.240.9418 and email:, their website shows their older collection doesn't do much for me

I just love this I must figure out where to hang it...