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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still Life = Learning To See

There is nothing like painting from life, you "learn to see" and it improves your skills of observation. I am not a big fan of painting flowers or still life's but I know they are good practice. Although, I prefer painting from photos I know there is a flatness to every photo I am challenged with. When you think about it a photo can never capture the "reality" of something. I've been to some incredible places and snapped some incredible pictures but the photos still didn't capture what I saw exactly. I mean I love taking photos and admire the beauty in good photography but the result is still 2D. The challenge as a painter  is how to represent a three dimensional reality on a flat surface. To me a painter (representational painters) chooses to distort in a way that gives the feeling, impression or illusion of three dimensions in ways that a photo may not capture. All in all, what we see in 3D helps us to draw and paint in 3D.

So I practice...practice...practice...

Today's loose study of flowers - alla prima
12x13 oil on canvas paper

This was painted in one sitting, a way for me to observe, practice, loosen up and not fuss over the details.


Sarah said...

Hi Ivy!
thank you sooo much for dropping by my blog :) Your paintings are just beautiful! and I love the mosaics in the bathroom - what an incredible work. I have to tell you that for a long time I had been a member of the SCBWI and not until this January I had the courage to join the regional conference. I signed up for the illustrator's intensive and a one-on-one portfolio critique. I was soo nervous at first, you have no idea how intimidated I felt when I signed up; however the experience was amazing - I am so glad that I went, I got wonderful feedback from a known author/illustrator and met incredible people. I strongly recommend you to try it! as creative people we are soo hard in ourselves - You are talented and let the world see it :)
Your friend from the fish bowl,

Jana Souza said...

Hi Ivy,

Popping in from the fishbowl; love your paintings and that bathroom...wow, that is one crazy space :) I cannot imagine how much time that took and what a collaborative effort it was to do that mosaic.

I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming weeks.


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