I've been busy in my sketch book lately and loving every minute of it! I wanted to share two of my many dog sketches I will be working on for what I am calling my whimsical min-series...

I decided to work on this series because well, ... I love my dog to pieces and I think a lot about a dogs life and their quirkiness.  I also wanted to keep this series on a small panel because I just think they are cute - I'm very excited for this new collection - the paintings will be modern and clean with simple use of colors.  Paintings to come.... ;-)


  1. i love these - especially the one laying down. these will be so cute, can't wait to see :)

  2. love your blog :)

    I highly recommend the unravelling class; it's so much more than learning to take pictures...that part was somewhat shocking but it's really about connecting to self and to others :)

    I am still connected to the women in the course and we actually have a flickr group as an ongoing unravelling of our own :)

    Thank you for stopping my my blog :)

    have a great day; love your sketches here, they are so simple---could be art in and of itself, but I like minimal :)


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