Coke Bottles

Today's study...

  Coke Bottles - alla prima
9x12 oil on canvas

I love those old Coke bottles... but I gotta say I struggled with this study today, for several reasons. Grrhhh. Painting glass is difficult and to get that translucency is just – not easy. Getting the shape of the bottle is tough too not to mention working on this in one sitting while the paint is wet. It was difficult but a very good exercise.

A little interesting fact: Coke was invented in the 19th Century by John Pemberton and came out in bottles for the first time in 1894. The prototype  was made originally as a coca wine, an alcoholic beverage that combined wine and cocaine. The shape of the bottle known as "contour bottle" or "hobble skirt" came  from bottle designer Earl R. Dean who wanted to base the design on  one of the two ingredients, coca leaf or the kola nut. The final design came from a gourd-shaped cocoa pod.