8x8 oil on gallery wrap canvas 

Is it Chiwawa - or - Chihuahua? This little guy is from a photo I took at a local town fair, I didn't get his name so I titled this Chihuahueño - the Spanish version (I like the little tilde).  He was a nervous little guy, his body shaking with fear as he was surrounded by giants gushing over him. I watched him closely amazed by his small size and noticed he was much happier in his mommy's arms - and that's when I snapped the photo. Of course, with mommy's permission and not without petting and  loving this little guy to pieces! 

a little fact: the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, the oldest breed on the American continent and is named after the state of Chihuahu in Mexico.

Interesting, I must look up where Chihuahu is in Mexico - wonder if its a town full of these little cutie-pies. How wonderful would that be? A town taken over by Chihuahu's... that could be a fun painting, hmmm.....


  1. ivy, this is such a wonderful portrait. you really captured his expression, and i love all the detail and shading around the eyes. we have a tiny 7 year old girl named tequila so i share the chi love!

  2. Thank you! Yeah I had fun painting this little guy, I never realized how small and delicate their features are. You have a little chi along with all your other pets?! How great - I wish I had one they are sweet. And love the name tequila!


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