Bathroom Wonderland...

Yeah...ok so it doesn't sound right, a title about a bathroom but BOY... is this the most incredible bathroom I have ever been in! I occasionally take classes at the Visual Arts Center in NJ  its a great facility that offers wonderful art classes and where my good friends/fellow teachers have their classes Andrea Gianchiglia   and Anne Kullaf both excellent teachers ;-)

I wanted to share my experience in this
"Bathroom Wonderland"
Words can't explain the beauty and I am not even sure pictures can do it justice but take a look... 
 This is a close up of the door - its painted.
I love this tree and the little brown owl hiding...
There's detail on the base of the toilet and the floor are photographic grass tiles
Ok so I can't get over the 3 dimensional sections...
3D shutters and tin roof...
3D clock and columns
  Close up of painter
Detail shot of 3D roses, dragon fly and coins etc...
Message is behind me, to be read through the bathroom mirror

Detail of water and duck - love the duck feet

3D Deer close-up
Painter and do I see a doggy?
These are only  few pictures I took...I spent hours in this bathroom! What made this even cooler is that once the lights were off there were some pieces that glow in the dark which I could not capture on my camera. I felt like a kid again in this room – in awe.

Well, I hope this Bathroom Wonderland has inspired you as it did me—and with all these beautiful pieces I am off to go see what I can get my hands on to make a mosaic of my own...maybe my bathroom? hmmm...


  1. Wow, this is SO inspirational. I've been collecting tiles, broken dishes and little ceramic things for about ten years. Hoping to someday do something like this! I planned for a wall outside, but our current yard doesn't have the right spot. Yet. Works so well for a bathroom. Love the houses in there of course.

  2. This bathroom is incredible! I would think it would contribute to long lines- who would want to leave? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Ivy, This is Kristen from class! Great blog! Congratulations! I *loved* all of the pictures of this mosaic you found in all places - a bathroom! Thanks so much for sharing these!


  4. Oh my goodness. AMAZING - thanks so much for showing me this. I am going to post a link to this - its just toooooo cool. x

  5. What an amazing oasis. It's totally crazy. I've never seen money/coins integrated into a mosaic before. And the backwards message to be read in the mirror.... genius.

  6. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Love them all.


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