Hello world!

My name is Ivy and this is my beagle Duke - our baby. He is my inspiration as an animal portrait artist. I am a artist who can't help but want to do it all... everything creative, and so the name "Ivyallover" emerged. I have been a designer/art director for several years focusing now on my own work. Using my hands is everything to me – I enjoy many creative disciplines; I paint, design, illustrate, write, knit and take photos to name a few. Being creative is absolutely vital and nourishing for me, its what makes my heart sing. I decided to start this personal blog in order to keep my skills evolving as an artist and to share a little piece of art everyday. Observing the beauty in things that otherwise would have gone unnoticed is a big part of my approach as an artist and so— I look, I see,  I observe, I create and now... I share. :)


  1. Hi there Ivy. I've replied your question on Simple Blogger Tips.

    Hope it helps. =)


  2. Keep going, Ives!!! Explore your subject! Go deeper!


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