Then there was ONE...

ONE of my earlier paintings...
 Dukie In Sun
11x14 oil on gallery wrap canvas

This painting was my first painting of Duke. In painting it I noticed every sweet detail on him, as I do when I paint all my dog portraits. I noticed his beautiful colors, his nails - some clear and some black, the spots on his paws, his pink pads and those puppy eyes. Can I ever love another dog as much?

Well...Tanner came over and he was cute, he was fun, active, curious and very alpha male. Duke was not sure what to think..."who's this tough guy in my territory"? They were hysterical running through the snow in our yard but indoors was another story...

Duke would not let Tanner be the only dog on daddy's lap, wasn't sure about sharing his toys and certainly did not let Tanner take all the attention. No way, not Duke he was right up and center - showing off his voice, his speed and his tricks - all this as he glanced over at Tanner as if to say, "why are you here"?

So needless to say, Tanner is a great little dog but Dukie just didn't seem to approve. I don't think he's ready to have a brother around and so we said our goodbye's...
and for now... there is ONE. ;-)



  1. these works are just amazing, im so glad you shared them!
    I also hope that you have a lot of joy from blogging - everything looks superb here:))

    All the best, Lou x

  2. awwwwwwww poor dukie! poor tanner. aw. we gotta get our boys together.

  3. Thank you so much art-and-ghosts, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me :). Nice to hear from you both!

  4. Oh I just love the expression on capture. This is truly a fantastic painting.


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