Is TWO better than ONE?

Here are two commissions I am working on for this lovely lady who is the owner of two beautiful Labs. She will be surprising her husband with these on his birthday...

6x6 oil on panel board
6x6 oils on panel board

 But back to my question Is TWO better than ONE?

DOGS that is...
my husband, Pat and I are struggling to make a decision. We absolutely love our Duke (Dukie) he's wonderful, he's smart, he doesn't bay or dig wholes in our yard like everyone was telling us he would because "that's what beagles do". Nope not Dukie he only pulls my sleeve when I spend too much time on my computer and it just cracks me up! So the question we get a second dog? 

There's a rescue (beagle, of course) who needs a home. This all started  several months ago when we said it – jokingly, so I though. Well, it didn't take long for Pat to sign up to SOS (SAVE OUR SNOOPIES) Beagle Rescue - love the name - here is the link 

So here we are...within a week or two from getting an email and some pictures of Tanner, we are scheduled to meet him today! Duke will be at this meeting, he will have final say of course but are we crazy!? What are we doing? Double the food, double the baths, double the hair, double the toys....and not to mention a baby in May - oops did I say that? More on that some other time. So yeah 2 dogs and a baby - funny sounds like a movie title.

And so, before I go off to meet little 16month old - not potty trained (yet) Tanner...I will leave you with what my client said to me. I thought it perfect to ask her, her opinion about life with two dogs  (these two beautiful Labs) and she gladly shared her thoughts. She loves having two dogs. And she says" is eight paws instead of four, four eyes staring at you and twice as much fun and twice as much love."

More fun....more love? hmmm how can anyone say no to that!


  1. knowing you, you will definitely get the second dog...well, because life just isn't interesting for my sagitarian multi-tasker unless you are juggling 500 things at a time...and, you do them all so well.. .including these fabulous portraits. The snow photos are also terrific... could you lend me a bit of your talent...PLEASE?!


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